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The DRL Senior Initiative Against Elder Abuse

Recognizing that certain members of our community need special assistance and protection, Dapeer Rosenblit & Litvak LLP has set aside a portion of its resources, including the time of its partners, associates and staff to represent the interests of seniors and their families who have been victims of elder abuse.

One of the fastest growing populations in society, elders are particularly vulnerable to manipulation and deception. The money and property they accumulated over a lifetime makes them a ripe target to the unscrupulous.

Taking Advantage Of Elderly People Is Simply Wrong — And Often Devastating

Sometimes the offending party is a landlord who overcharges an older person knowing that he or she is too afraid or unaware to complain. Sometimes it is a caretaker or relative who entices the elderly person to change a will or reconfigure a trust. The offender may be a contractor who agrees to repair a retired person’s home, only to place hundreds of thousands of dollars of liens for unnecessary and unwanted work.

Elder Fraud Risk Factors

The elderly tend to be easy prey for financial exploitation. Some are simply naïve and trust strangers, neighbors, caregivers and family members too readily, without examining a proposal, contract or transaction objectively. Abuse of an older person’s trust may seem as innocuous as an unscrupulous relative or neighbor talking the elder into providing free garage space, without appropriate rent charges. Or it may involve shady investment deals that threaten an elder’s life savings.

Some old people who fall into scams have impaired judgment. Many are physically weak, hard of hearing or experiencing dementia. They often find it difficult to make wise decisions about their own homes, health and financial affairs. They may be fighting fiercely to preserve their independence and as a result, are too proud to accept help. As a result of one or more of these factors, they sign documents, enter into contracts and make promises based on misleading or misguided notions that bear little resemblance to principles they valued and cherished all of their lives.

Attorneys At Dapeer Rosenblit & Litvak LLP Have Answers And Skills Appropriate

In California, we have special elder statutes spelling out benefits to elders who are taken advantage of. DRL recognizes that elders at risk of financial abuse are often the same people who reared us, built the communities we call home and protected us in our younger years. Those who need our help now deserve our consideration, respect and protection.

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