Business Entity Disputes Are Bad For Business

As Abraham Lincoln famously noted, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” When business partners are in conflict or when shareholders carry grievances against businesses they have invested in, the viability of the business can be at risk.

Business entity disputes can arise at any stage of the life cycle of a business, from formation to operations to dissolution. Thoughtful parties to business disputes will try to resolve those conflicts without resorting to litigation. Carefully listening, compromise, negotiations and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can keep legal costs under control and prevent greater harm than necessary to a business’s integrity.

Watching Out For The Bottom Line While Resolving Business Entity Disputes

Southern California business owners, investors, shareholders and other pertinent parties can find much-needed sound counsel and cost-effective representation at the West Los Angeles business litigation firm of . Although litigation is a strong component of the firm’s overall law practice, lawyers understand the need to prevent and limit damage done by filing lawsuits, bringing motions and preparing to drag conflicts before judges.

Attorneys at work in tandem with business clients to resolve disputes by the most expedient, favorable methods applicable in a given case.

Business Entity Disputes And Shareholder Loss Claims

handles a vast array of complex litigation among corporate insiders, including shareholders, directors, partners and members of limited liability companies, including executives and key personnel. Such disputes often include problems arising at all stages of an entity’s existence from formation issues to operational and management problems to voluntary or involuntary dissolution.

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