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Representing Landlords And Property Managers

Property owners, developers and managers provide a fundamental service to vast numbers of tenants. They have to navigate a complex scheme of regulations, often without assistance. Our firm’s extensive background in enforcing, writing and reviewing rent control and other land use regulations enables us to help property owners and their agents comply with those regulations and assist them in maximizing the return on their investment. Our mandate is to assist you in the proper management of your properties.

We believe that profitability comes from compliance and education and providing a housing product that creates a lasting bond with tenants. Through time-tested techniques and approaches, we have assisted landlords in increasing their property values without running afoul of the law.

Services For Public Entities Serving Tenants

Dapeer Rosenblit & Litvak LLP has represented numerous public entities seeking to protect their rental populations. We believe that housing is a vital need to the community. Merely because one rents does not mean that there is no right to expect reasonable value and comfortable lodging. Unfortunately, some misinformed landlords believe that only by illicit means can they make a proper return on their properties. We reject this concept and have created a comprehensive program to protect members of the rental community from unfair practices, violations of rent control and landlord-tenant laws, harassment of tenants and the disabled, and abuse from bullies who think they can do whatever they desire because no one will stand up to them.

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