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Jocelyn Corbett

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Jocelyn Corbett was an associate with Dapeer, Rosenblit & Litvak, LLP beginning at 2006, working on municipal code enforcement matters for a number of California cities, focusing on property maintenance, building and technical code, and land use matters, as well as business licensing and operating issues.  

In 2013, Ms. Corbett left the firm to become Assistant City Attorney for Lancaster, where she continued to act as code enforcement attorney and City Prosecutor. She also represented the Planning Commission at their regular meetings; drafted ordinances to be codified in the Municipal Code and made revisions to current Municipal Code provisions; implemented and managed the City’s commercial cannabis program during its first five years; advised the City Clerk’s office during several municipal election cycles; participated in monthly meetings of the City’s Criminal Justice Commission; reviewed documents prior to production in response to requests submitted pursuant to the Public Records Act; and provided general legal counsel and advice to City Department Directors and staff regarding contracts, special programs, and other matters.

Ms. Corbett returned to Dapeer Rosenblit & Litvak in July 2023 to focus on code enforcement and administrative programs.