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We Champion The Rights Of Private Citizens

With 40 years of experience representing municipalities and other public entities as well as commercial entities, Dapeer Rosenblit & Litvak LLP has amassed a great deal of information and a diverse skill set that is equally beneficial to private individuals. Employees, elders and homeowners often need the knowledge and advocacy abilities we have to offer.

Consumer Rights: Protecting Individuals’ Dignity And Quality Of Life

The firm applies knowledge of the laws and experience representing governments and businesses to protection of the rights of people who might otherwise be victimized: consumers, elderly people and neighbors engaged in disputes over property lines. A commitment to the protection of the dignity and quality of life of individual clients is what drives this portion of the law practice of DRL.

Specifically, Dapeer Rosenblit & Litvak LLP brings consumer and civil rights litigation under state and federal law including the Unruh Act and federal and state consumer protection acts. Lawyers represent people harmed by the Fair Housing Act (FHA) violations and the Civil Rights Act violations. The firm also represents parties in financial elder abuse matters.

On behalf of those who need help, DRL will take a stand.

The Other Side Of The Coin: Legal Counsel For Landlords

We also gladly assist responsible landlords who wish to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Our mandate is to assist you in the proper management of your properties. We believe that profitability comes from compliance and education and providing a housing product that creates a lasting bond with tenants. Through time-tested techniques and approaches, we have assisted landlords in increasing their property values without sacrificing their personal beliefs.

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