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Dapeer Rosenblit & Litvak LLP Brings And Defends Class Actions And Consumer Claims

Class-action lawsuits can be powerful tools for righting wrongs affecting entire groups of people. Aggrieved tenants, exploited consumers and overworked employees are all examples of “classes” that can benefit from class actions. Dapeer Rosenblit & Litvak LLP in West Los Angeles has successfully brought numerous class-action lawsuits as well as individual lawsuits in support of classes of people.

A successful class-action suit requires clear communication with plaintiffs, extensive legal research, a thorough review of the defendant or defendants’ merits and perspective, and old-fashioned hard work. West Los Angeles-based lawyers of Dapeer Rosenblit & Litvak LLP (DRL) take no shortcuts when building compelling cases on behalf of groups of people who have been wronged in some way. The firm has also defended businesses and government entities when class actions targeted them. Knowledge of both sides of the coin enhances the firm’s ability to represent clients effectively.

Examples of class actions brought by or defended by DRL have included:

  • Wage and hour claims on behalf of employees working for employers in a variety of fields
  • Defense of wage and hour claims by employers such as catering businesses
  • Defense of landlords in class-action cases
  • A gasoline sales fraud case, representing purchasers of gasoline from dealers who knowingly overcharged through exploitation of the effects of hot and cold temperatures on gasoline quality
  • Discrimination lawsuits or harassment claims on behalf of tenants

Take The Next Steps

If you are a consumer or employee with a potential legal claim, you may be able to join an existing class-action suit, start your own or bring a consumer litigation matter before a court as an individual. Attorneys at Dapeer Rosenblit & Litvak LLP can evaluate your concerns, help you explore options and then fight on your behalf if you elect to go forward with this firm on your side.

To schedule a consultation regarding any wrong or harm done to you and many other people in your position (consumers or homeowners, for example), call 310-477-5575 or send an email through this website.