Code Enforcement Law Firm For Southern California Cities

represents government entities in need of support to enforce codes. In line with the firm’s philosophy of litigation-free solutions as a first priority, attorneys of the firm have a strong commitment to seek voluntary code compliance whenever possible. The arts of persuasion and diplomacy often bring great success to achieve this objective and to either avoid or conclude litigation.

However, when communication alone is insufficient to resolve a problem, our firm can utilize various remedies to obtain compliance with the law. These include administrative actions, criminal prosecution and/or civil litigation (for nuisance abatement injunctive orders and, where appropriate, receivers). Local and state codes often include specific provisions for bringing about abatement of prohibited activities and conditions. Lawyers of are well-versed in these methods and prepared to implement them as needed.

An analysis of any given code enforcement challenge will help determine the most appropriate enforcement action, such as:

  • Administrative hearings for nuisance abatement and revocation of licenses and land use authorizations, including zoning and building codes
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Civil litigation
  • Actions for appointment of receivers, such as in health and safety code violation cases or abatement of narcotic nuisance dwellings
  • Business and professions code sections allowing for appointment of a receiver and imposition of civil penalties for a landlord’s violation of a technical code or property maintenance regulations
  • Red-light abatement actions related to bothersome prostitution, lewd conduct or gambling in a neighborhood
  • Defense of cities in response to petitions for writs of mandate
  • Defense of cities sued for violation of civil rights arising from code enforcement, licensing or land use actions

When planning, recommending and implementing code enforcement strategies, acts as a dedicated team player with the respective municipality, adapting to each city’s code enforcement program. can provide these and other relevant services for the sake of code enforcement and legal protection of the government entity:

  • Overseeing investigations and recommending enforcement solutions for particular cases
  • Issuing “compliance letters” to violators
  • Conducting compliance conferences with violators at City Hall.
  • Obtaining inspection warrants
  • Prosecuting violators
  • Initiating probation violation hearings for future code violations
  • Initiating civil actions to preclude prohibited conditions or activities
  • Seeking the appointment of a receiver to oversee and cause the abatement of housing code violations
  • Advising city staff on proposed conditions to permits and licenses
  • Representing staff at administrative proceedings for nuisance abatement or revocation of permits or licenses
  • Reviewing existing and proposed ordinances for code enforcement issues

To schedule a consultation regarding code enforcement for one or more California municipalities, counties or other government bodies, contact in West Los Angeles at 310-477-5575 or by email.