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What if I dont maintain my property?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Municipal Litigation

Owning a property can be a lot of work. It seems like every time you think everything is in good repair, something will break and cause an avalanche of problems.

Maintaining your property may be overwhelming, but it is essential for maintaining value in your neighborhood and the safety of you and others. Neglecting property maintenance could cause significant problems.

This is what can happen if you do not take care of your property.

Nuisance complaint

If you do not maintain your building, you may hear significant grumbling from your neighbors. Typically, building neglect needs to get severe before it rises to the level of nuisance.

Keep in mind, your neighbors have a right to enjoy their property, which includes maintaining its value for resale. Failing to manage weeds and other exterior maintenance issues can give your neighbors a reason to file a complaint.

Keeping up with codes

There are several layers of laws that mandate how you maintain your building. Most of the time, you do not have to update your building just because there is a change in the code. As long as your building is safe, and you have not made changes, it may be able to stay the same.

Even if you typically do maintenance and repairs yourself, you need to pay attention to changes in the relevant code when you do repairs. In some cases, your city may see a repair as an opportunity to make an update. Failing to update your building could result in fines or other consequences.



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