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Why is there a lien against my property?

Dealing with a lien can be complicated and confusing; especially if you do not know where the lien came from.

Most often, you find out about a lien when you are trying to sell a piece of your property. As part of the process, a title company will look at the claims on your property, and see if there are any other claims on your property.

Why ADA compliance is different

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines is about more than following a set of rules. The guidelines attempt to give as many people as possible, access to your building.

As times change, so do the ADA guidelines. In some instances, the rules change out of a tragedy; in other cases, they change because of technology changes. Unfortunately, the changes can be expensive.

What taxes apply to my rental property?

The more your money and assets can work for you, the more opportunities you will have to increase your potential. Owning a rental property can be a great way to earn extra income without an extensive list of obligations.

While rental property can be a source of passive income, there are still duties that come with owning rental property. One of the most important responsibilities you will have is taxes.

What is receivership?

There can be many steps when it comes to property litigation, and it can be a lengthy process. While the conflict is pending, someone needs to continue to manage the property.

When there is a disagreement about a piece of property, the court appoints a receiver to take specific actions until the court decides on what will happen next. The receiver is supposed to remain neutral and act for the benefit of the property.

Court's ruling on lien priority a win for code enforcement

Bring up the topic of code enforcement in a social situation and you likely will see the crowd scatter. The subject admittedly is not sexy, but those with experience in the field know code enforcement is critical to improving quality of life by enhancing health and safety in California communities.

In this blog, our goal is to provide readers perspectives on municipal law, including issues related to code enforcement, to keep them up to date on developments. We can't guarantee every entry will be a blockbuster, but we hope to make each informative and interesting to read.


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